Golforce is the new term that describes how well you play golf

You ask anyone on the weekend golf course what their handicap is and 99 out of 100 will tell you they have no idea. Handicap is a brilliant sophisticated system using complex formula that attempts to level the playing field when correctly determined. However, it is not practical and not useful for the general public. Not only is the word "handicap" politically incorrect it is almost offensive to all who are physically challenged since golf is one of the few sports that precludes those who are physically challenged. Not only that but the word "handicap" can only be used in the context of discussing golf or in the setting of golf to avoid any misunderstanding. You cannot go to anyone and out of the blue ask "What's your handicap?". It would create a dangerous situation or the listener would be dumbfounded unless he or she was golf aficionado or happen to be standing by the clubhouse. Often people have to use several words to ask how well someone plays golf like "What do you usually shoot?" or "What's your average score when you play golf?". Golfers have long been uttering the definition without having the word that applies to the definition. For that purpose "Golforce" fills the void that can bring the sport to the modern era. Now anyone can say "What's your golforce?" without the risk of offending anyone and without any confusion of what is being asked. Simple and straight forward. It is not to replace "handicap" system which is a mathematical formula but merely providing golfers a term to use to refer to their abilities. It is an uplifting positive energy word that is fun and can appeal to the next generation of golfers and the general public. That may in turn increase participation to the game of golf. It is to that end ONEBIRDIE will toast to the phrase "Discover the Force...Golforce". Cheers. Team at Onebirdie