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Help & FAQs

Golforce© is the term designated by Onebirdie LLC to represent the ability of a golfer to score at certain range of strokes over par, even par, or under par in the round of 18 hole par 72 course so that if you were to bet $100 for you to score in certain range of strokes over par, or at even par, or under par you will be right 90% of the time. Please note Golforce has nothing to do with Jedi force where objects are moved by telekinetic force. It is not a measure of your ability to move the golf ball without contact. 

The mission of Onebirdie is to unify all the golfers on the planet Earth into one giant force of good to overcome the differences and help achieve world peace. 

No. Your true location is only visible on your own mobile device. Others will see your icon in general vicinity away from your true location for privacy and security purposes using proprietary algorythm.