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Birdies at the Masters 2015

Posted by: Brian Shin

Date: Saturday April 11 2015

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Total of 602 birdies were recorded at this year\'s Masters by all players through round 2 including those who didn\'t make the cut. Every single player made at least one birdie including Ben Crenshaw with 3.

By looking at the score cards of the players it becomes apparent that the difference between those who made the cut and those who didn\'t lies not in the number of birdies they made but the number of boggies. There were many players who didn\'t make the cut but who made the same or more number of birdies as those who made the cut. The difference was the number of boggies in their score cards. 

So what does that mean? It seems even for professional golfers it is easier to make birdies than to eliminate boggies from their game. Which makes sense since if no one made boggies then every player will have score at even or under.  With the cut line at +2 many more boggies were made by those who didn\'t make the cut than those who did.

Therefore, it seems logical to conclude that to make the cut one has to eliminate boggies.  And to win one has to eliminate boggies and make birdies. 

It is indeed a tough task to fulfill and the winner, whoever that may be, is well derserving of the green jacket. 


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